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Value To Your Bottom Line

What is the cost of removing one sales clerk from the sales floor and loan counter to administer 100 auction sales full time? including... selecting itemsfor sale, photographing, editing pics, listing/describing item on auction site, answering customer questions, closing the sale, emailing winners, collecting payment, packaging for shipment and shipping the item.....

  Cost to Sell 100 Guns/Month In-House....

    Sales Clerk rate of Pay: $15
    Hours per week: 40  
    Labor: $600/week

Cost per week in materials, postage, credit card and auction fees: WEEKLY

    Auction fees: $116
    Credit Card fees:  $169  
    Shipping Costs:  $84
    Packing Supplies:  $18
    Total Fees/Supplies:  $387/week

Estimated Unrealized Revenue from sales and pawn service charges

Sales clerk sales-$25/hr= $1000/week @ 35% margin:  $350 in income

Pawn loans: 7 loans/day @ $75 loan avg= $2635 in new loan balance:  $525 in service fees

Total Cost per week:  $1862.00

Total Cost per month for "in-house" auction sales:


XCaliber Value:

We do all the "heavy lifting" and administer the auction beginning to end maintaining superior customer service and providing quality auctions for a fraction of the cost. We cover the labor, materials, postage, credit card and auction fees too! Put your clerk back on the sales floor and money back in the register. Leave the online gun sales to XCaliber.