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XCaliber Auction Firearms - Services


What We Sell

The company offers a firearms marketing service that helps deliver increased revenue, reduces the cost of regulatory compliance issues,increases sales volume, and expands the sales reach for a local pawn operator. We bring years of online gun sales experience to our customers, and help them increase both firearm valuation confidence as well as the ability to gain greater exposure to a broader marketing audience.

We also provide exceptional service to the consumer, and work with each to provide a trusted, convenient, and hassle free experience in purchasing a used firearm. Our aim is to be one of the most highly rated sellers with our online auction partners, allowing consumers to shop our inventory without fear of encountering a poor experience.

Who We Sell To

We offer our service to any pawn company in the United States, regardless of what kind of volume they may generate, each has an opportunity to improve their profitability by using our marketing service.

We sell the firearms inventory to gun owners interested in purchasing firearms through an online auction.

Products and Services

XCaliber Auction Firearms - Pawnbrokers Balls

The primary service we offer is the consignment sale of firearms that are purchased by pawn companies or not redeemed by their customers. We will provide an efficient and profitable method to quickly sell their firearms inventory at the best prices available in the market. By offering this value added service, XCaliber Firearms Sales will help pawn operators maximize profitability with faster firearm turnover, increase available capital for lending, provide an outlet for safe and secure firearms marketing, and reduce regulatory liability.

XCaliber Firearms Sales will process all auctions by managing in-bound shipping from clients, writing gun descriptions and photographing the items, uploading the guns to the auction site, and finally managing shipment to end buyers. We will also provide the client with tracking and reporting of all inventory movement throughout the process.

A significant challenge for many pawn operations is having stale inventory, or not having the retail market for gun sales, especially unique guns. Therefore many pawn locations are limited on what guns they are able to take in on pawn or as inventory.

Our service effectively allows a retail pawn location to "open their doors" to the entire United States, so they are no longer bound by local walk-in traffic.

Furthermore, this service provides a system for pawn clients to earn the most money customers are willing to pay for a gun, and quickly. It is not uncommon for firearms inventory to sit on the shelf for six months or longer. In comparison, most guns will be posted on an auction site for 7 days. The average number of days it takes to sell a gun at the end of the auction is 3 days. It provides a quick return on forfeited debt(inventory). That revenue can then be utilized to make new loans. It reduces the amount of time “out of season” inventory would be shelved,resulting in quicker returns.

XCaliber Auction Firearms - ATF

Finally, the liability associated with ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives) regulatory compliance can be overwhelming for pawn companies. As of 2014, pawn brokers represent just under 6% of all active firearms licenses. However, the majority of all transfer applications are conducted through pawn brokers.

Unfortunately, licensees have not traditionally done well in complying with federal firearms regulations. Over half of all ATF inspections result in some form of violation. This means that licensees have to spend additional time and money addressing inspection violations, away from their core competency.

XCaliber Firearms Sales will reduce the chance of a licensed pawn broker facing inspection violations for firearms taken in for sale.